Sunday, April 16, 2017

On "The Lord of the Rings" as Christian Literature

My father recently sent me this article on The Lord of the Rings and the Christian symbolism and analogies present in Tolkien’s work. This prompted some binge-reading of any article I could find about Tolkien and religion. A lot of the articles aren’t fantastic, but a few really informed me and expanded my view of Tolkien as a writer. Also, they motivated me to finally read more Tolkien than The Hobbit (I know, I know - I’m way behind the times), so if all goes according to plan, I’ll make it through LotR sooner rather than later.
Here are a few articles on both sides:

For: Tolkien lit as Christian lit
-This article by SDG from is an in-depth look at the Christian (and specifically Catholic) elements displayed in the LoTR Triology.
-In this interview, Devin Brown (author of The Christian World of The Hobbit) speaks about his work and some elements of Christianity that are evident in The Hobbit.
-In this more condensed article, Stan Williams of the Catholic Education Resource Center lists Christian elements found in Tolkien’s work and separates general Christian beliefs from specific Catholic practices and beliefs.

Against:Tolkien lit as anti-Christian
-Here, Minister Eric Barger discusses why the magic found in LoTR is anti-Christian and should be avoided by practicing Christians.
-In this article, a former witch identifies some aspects of the magic in LoTR that are similar to the witchcraft this individual experienced in the 1960’s and why these practices are anti-Christian.

And BONUS!: An article on Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

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