Friday, March 24, 2017

On David Bowie's favorite books

When David Bowie passed in January 2016, my heart broke. And my quiet mourning turned to full-blown obsession. I’ve read three biographies on the man (my public library has the next one I’ll read), watched two documentaries (plus another waiting on Overdrive), listened to all of his music, and watched countless interviews and performances online. Bowie is legend and I, of all people, know that.
So when I happened upon this list of books recommended by David Bowie, I nearly died of happiness. My favorite artist was releasing information about a common interest we had. AHHHH.
Unfortunately, I’ve only read 7 of them so far. The rest….are what I should have expected from Bowie, but not necessarily what I want to read.
David Bowie, from what I can tell, was a very thoughtful and deep-thinking individual. He consumed mountains of art during his lifetime, so if he thinks these books are worth reading, the Bowie fanatic inside me tells me that I must run to my local library and check out all these books IMMEDIATELY.
A different, more rational side of me says that these aren’t the sort of books I could read one after the other. At some point, I’d need a break to read some bright chick-lit or children’s fantasy or a new book from a beloved author and that I’d get bored of David’s deep novels.
So here’s my compromise: I’ve put a handful on my TBR list. Once I finish those, I’ll get around to a few more of them. And eventually, I’ll have read 100 books that David Bowie loved and I’ll get to know him just a little bit better.
Want to know how many you’ve read? Here’s the Goodreads version of the list that you can check.

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