Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On why I love/hate #AskALibrarian

If you haven’t heard about #AskaLibrarian yet, you need to check it out. Every Thursday from noon to 1pm EST, you can tweet out what sort of books you’re interested in and librarians from around the country will suggest books to you. I’ve been monitoring it for several weeks are here are my pros and cons:

-I have discovered so many interesting and strange books - not from asking for recommendations myself, but from stalking everyone else’s requests.
-It’s very convenient if you need a book recommendation and you plan on buying the book - especially if you’re looking to gift a book to someone. Lots of parents tweet looking for books for their children.
-It starts a conversation about books and reading and gives people a chance to share what they love, what they don’t, which books everyone must read, which books must be devoured immediately, etc
-It allow people to be very specific about what sort of books they like - for example, one tweet asks for “physically small/slim book, not terribly depressing or difficult to read, male protagonist. Ideas?” (@librarianbug), and another asks for “Any books with a focus on tea (rituals, ceremonies, history, et al)? Fiction or non-, Please and thank you!” (@vein_of_silver). AND PEOPLE RESPOND TO THESE AND HAVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THESE TYPES OF BOOKS. It’s wonderful and much easier than trying to Google books within a very specific genre and about a certain topic.
-It makes me remember all the books I’ve read and then I want to throw them at everyone I know (or even people I don’t know - like the people on Twitter)
-That being said, it also gives me a chance to connect with people on the internet about excellent books, which is always fun and wonderful.
-It glamorizes being a librarian (which is something I’ve always wanted to be) and makes the job seem like it’s all reading and fun (and none of it is boring paperwork or pushing heavy carts of books up steep ramps or anything like that).
-It promotes reading and makes it look trendy and cool (which it is).
-It makes the world a happier and better place - because what’s better than being really excited to read a book and finally getting a copy of that book and loving it just as much as you hoped you would?!? NOTHING

-It makes my TBR list faaaar too long because every recommended book sounds absolutely amazing when suggested by someone who loves it.

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