Monday, August 14, 2017

On Mistborn fan art

I haven’t always loved fan art, but I’ve recently found myself pinning quite a bit of Sanderson fan art and I think I’m falling in love. Below are my favorite Mistborn pieces of fan art.

This shot of Vin is fantastic - I especially love the coins in her hand and the mistcloak - this depiction makes me want to be Vin and also makes her look so strong and tough, yet petite and tender. I love it.

This fan art simply blows me away. Another take on Vin with mistcloak and coins, this scene is much darker and seems more action-packed, even while there is so little going on in the scene. The look on Vin’s face sums up my interpretation of her character - determined and a little darker than we always realize.

I’ve seen this piece all over Pinterest and it warms my heart every time. The early scenes with Vin and Elend always made me laugh quite a bit and I look back on them fondly. This piece of artwork makes me relive that feeling every time I look at it - and I love that.

Well, if it isn’t obvious, Vin is my favorite Mistborn character. This piece of artwork gives her a more swashbuckling feel, which is fun and lightens the mood a bit. Also, I love how the mistcloak almost looks like a bunch of fox tails - to me, that makes the cloak seem more alive. Vin’s hair is majestic in this artwork.

And here we have Vin and Elend again - in a much darker scene. I love how much older they seem in this scene and how they’re looking down at the city. It also makes me think of the cover for this book - which I loved. This artist did a fantastic job of making the scene feel dark, yet hopeful. And I really enjoy that.

What are your favorite pieces of fan art? Where do you go to find more fan art? Have you made any fan art of your own?


  1. These pictures are amazing and beautiful! Have you read the Mistborn trilogy? Brainfart! You had to have read the trilogy so you do not get spoiled! How is it? I have been wanting to read it, but I have not picked it up yet.

    1. You should read it! It's a really fun series - somewhat similar to Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom, but for grown ups. I really enjoyed it.