Wednesday, August 2, 2017

On still reading comics

After recently finishing up a free 30-day trial of Comixology, my reading world has greatly expanded. I’ve seen worlds I never could have dreamed into existence, met characters who I fell in love with a little bit, and learned to appreciate artwork much more than I previously had. I also have a much much better idea of what sort of comics I enjoy, which will help a lot in picking out more comics in the future.
After this past month, I have a lot of comics that I’m interested in sharing with the world. They may be ones that everyone already knows about or ones that are already supermainstream, but I have strong feelings and I MUST share my thoughts. Here are the best comics I’ve read so far:
  • Saga by Brian K. Vaughn- Saga is a space thriller with some star-crossed lovers, family drama, a war, and a ghost babysitter. It’s fun, it’s unique, and some of the species are the strangest I’ve seen yet. I didn’t know it was possible to love a series this much, but it’s fantastic. Vaughn successfully mixes science fiction with fantasy and gives us a cast of characters that you can’t help but love. Fiona Staples’ artwork is incredibly beautiful - far more detailed than I originally expected of comics. I highly recommend this to any SFF readers (and anyone who reads in general).
  • Giant Days by John Allison - If you like stories about quirky college students, this is the series for you. The series follows 3 roommates/best friends as they navigate their first year of college - full of first loves, mortal enemies, nicotine addictions, big mistakes, and gothic wardrobes. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s full of well-developed characters who are easy to relate to. This is great for new college students, aspiring college students, anyone who’s been to college, anyone who knows someone who’s gone to college, and basically just anyone.
  • Faith by Jody Houser - Faith Herbert has a lot on her plate - working at her new job, trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend (who’s now a reality TV star), and saving the world from any danger it might encounter. Faith is a superhero who has recently struck out on her own and is struggling to juggle her superhero life while still trying to keep up with her alter ego. This comic was a lot like Superman in some ways, but with the story turned on it’s head. It was fun and refreshing and I really enjoyed the characters and the ridiculousness. Also, it should be noted that Faith is overweight, but her weight isn’t an issue or a plot point or anything - she’s simply an overweight superhero. If you want more diverse characters without their diversity becoming the story, this is a great place to start.

Are there any other comics I should try out? Any comics you really love or really hate?

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