Monday, May 22, 2017

On what these goats are currently reading

When I first met these darling goats, I was hesitant to include them in my blog. Goats who can read? Who would believe that? I wouldn’t believe it myself it I hadn’t beheld it and personally interviewed these lovely beings and was impressed not just with their ability to read, but with the sheer depth and breadth of their reading. Let’s meet these cuties:
Theo is still a child at heart. His first great loves are children’s book and now that he’s found a home in a children’s library, he’s wholly dedicated to reading every children’s book ever written. Currently, he’s trying to read up on difficult issues kids face these days, so he’s reading Blubber by Judy Blume - a book all about a group of young Mean Girls. Theo hopes that reading this can help him give good tools to the kids he works with and provide them with books that understand what they’re going through. Theo had to end our interview to run the daily story time - his favorite part of the day.
Benji is a devoted mystery reader with a deep love for anything dark or scary. He loves tortured detectives with a drinking problem, which he acknowledges is a cliche, but loves all the same. He’s currently reading When the Sacred Ginmill Closes by Lawrence Block - which is complete with a boozy and sad detective. So far, Benji says that it’s all he’d hoped for - lots of drinking and three different crimes to solve. At that, Benji ended our interview so he could find out what would happen next.
Gertrude is a tough lady who’s tired of the political drama and unrest these days. She used to spend her time reading activist books, but she decided it was time for a break and time for a bit of self-care, so Gertrude has started reading more self-help books and religious books. Right now, she’s reading The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama XIV, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams. She’s hoping that she’ll learn to make the world a bit of a better place and that she’ll find the peace she’s looking for so she can continue to fight the good fight.

If you like goats and want to meet a few more, check out these goat rescue centers:

Do you know any goats who are reading anything interesting? What are you reading right now and why?

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