Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On why Comixology Unlimited isn't worth it (but the app is)

I recently tried out a 30-day free trial of Comixology. It enabled me to try out a bunch of new comics and dip my feet into the comic world, but overall, it wasn’t worth the $5.99 each month and I cancelled my subscription.
There were a lot of good things about Comixology. First of all, the app is fantastic. DEFINITELY GET THE APP if you’re into electronic comics. The comics are very high quality and look beautiful on the screen, something I wasn’t expecting with a simple app. Best of all, the app allows you to look at each box individually. You can look at the full page to do your reading, but you can also tap twice on a specific area to zoom in on that and read the comic closer up and from box to box. It’s an excellent way to read comics and makes it easier to read instead of having to zoom in on each little part. Also, you download the comics straight to your device, which is very convenient and makes it easy to read offline with a little planning ahead.
While the app was fantastic, I was less pleased with the actual Comixology Unlimited subscription. The Unlimited subscription is actually very limited. The selection of comics is a lot smaller than the comics that are available electronically. Most big superhero comics were not available at all on Comixology Unlimited. The comics that were available typically only had the first comic or first volume available on Unlimited. The rest were available for purchase, but it was disappointing to get to read the first couple comics and then not being able to read the next one without forking over more money. Don’t waste your money on the subscription when you’ll just be buying the comics anyway.
The Comixology Unlimited subscription is a great resource for someone who is just beginning to read comics, but for anyone else, the subscription will be a waste of money that is better spent on buying the comics themselves. If you’re interested in electronic comics, I would definitely recommend using Comixology. The app is gorgeous and has a large selection of comics to purchase and download to your device. I highly recommend it.

How do you read your digital comics? What other apps are worth looking into? What comics would you recommend? Do you prefer your comics in paper or digital?


  1. I just recently discovered ComiXology myself and I agree. I did the free trial too and will not be subscibing to Unlimited. It is great though that so many out of print or older comics are available, and a lot of graphic novels are a lot cheaper in e- form/ on Comixology.

    1. I agree! They have a HUGE selection - but for the subscription, it's mostly just the first volume of each series. Comixology itself has more comics than I think anyone could ever read - which is awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying the app:)