Friday, September 22, 2017

On how to find a passion to learn more about

This month, we’ve talked quite a bit about learning, why it’s important, how to do more of it. We’ve given you a lot of the how and the why and helped make it very possible for you to keep learning once school is done. One question I had when I first finished school was - what are my passions and interests? For me, school took so much time and energy that I felt like I didn’t have time to pursue many of the things that I loved. For me, it was a bit of struggle to remember what I loved and to find things that new, post-school me was passionate about.
For those of you who are in a similar boat, here are some ideas for how to get started:
  • Think back to what made you happy as a kid - Often, these hobbies and interests are more important to the core of who you are than you realize. If you loved catching bugs as a little kid, try reading a book about different types of insects or visit a butterfly sanctuary. If you loved hiking, try a new trail or follow a blog about outdoor adventures in your area. If you always liked to cook, buy a new cookbook or watch a cooking tutorial on Youtube. Find a way to take your passions as a child and translate them into something you can do today.
  • Talk to your friends - If you’re looking for a new hobby, then see what your friends are doing and tag along. Even if you don’t find something that interests you, you’ll connect more with your friends and they’ll appreciate your efforts to try their hobbies. Go to the poetry slam your buddy is performing at or tag along to the knitting circle your friend frequents.
  • Wander through the non-fiction section of your library - You don’t necessarily have to check anything out (though it’s always nice to read a new book). Just wandering through and looking at the different topics available can really help you see what sparks your interest and what bores you to tears. If the books of different parts of a car engine stand out to you, check one out and see if it’s still interesting or start watching Top Gear to test the waters.
  • Take a class - Many local recreation centers, libraries, community college, and even craft stores offer classes that you can take to learn basics of many different hobbies. I took a 6-week painting class once and, while it was fun, it didn’t ignite any new interests for me. Your story could be different - the 4-week photography class at your local library might be just what you need to get started.
  • Become a renaissance person- If you’re still struggling to find something that truly captivates you, then focus on learning a little about a lot of things. If you end up knowing enough about a broad range of things to get by, chances are that you’ll eventually find something that really intrigues you. Even if you don’t, it’s an opportunity to connect more with people and to learn more about the world. Or perhaps learning new things could become your hobby.
  • Read this list of hobbies from Wikipedia - If all else fails and you’re still desperate to find a hobby, then check out this list and see if anything on it appeals to you.

How do you find new hobbies? Has anything from this list worked for you?

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