Thursday, January 25, 2018

On books I wouldn't mind being gifted

This post was inspired by the Broke and the Bookish.

While my TBR list is out of control (which I’m sure many of you can understand), the list of books I actually want to own is somewhat smaller. I love books, but I also live in a small apartment and don’t like too much clutter. I try to get rid of any books that I’ve already read that weren’t five stars, so a lot of the time, my bookshelves are fairly neat and tidy (we’ll see how I manage that once I’m in a bigger apartment or in a house). In spite of this, here are a few books that I wouldn’t mind being gifted and (maybe) holding onto long-term:

Women and Authority: Re-Emerging Mormon Feminism

Magic for Unlucky Girls

The Girl Who Ate Books: Adventures in Reading

Bluebeard Tales from Around the World

Mormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah

Tacky Goblin

The Poison of Love

What books would you like to be gifted? Have you read any of these books? What books should I add to this list? Do you collect books?


  1. I stick to an ereader because I have no room for all the books. When my son came along, I lost the room to keep all my books but using an ereader has been great.

    1. Understandable. Ereaders are so handy - but I still love having physical copies of books I love.