Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On my YA picks

Today’s genre is young adult! I realize this is a fairly broad genre, but this isn’t something that I read too much of, so this is a fun post for me to write! Here are a few YA books that you might not have read already:

Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats, #1)
  • Traitor’s Blade by Sebastian de Castell - This Three Muskateers-esque fantasy tale is full of fun, snark, heartbreak, and magic. A great read for older YA readers with an interest in fantasy (especially as a move into more epic fantasy).

The Authentics
  • The Authentics by Abdi Nazemian - The Authentics is an adorable and touching contemporary YA story about adoption, family, young love, and being true to yourself. I loved this story and the young heroine - she was so relateable and imperfect and I loved her for it.

Love and Other Alien Experiences

  • Love and Other Alien Experiences by Kerry Winfrey - This book is a contemporary YA tale dealing with anxiety, family, loss, and getting through tough times. It’s full of quirks and has a very John Green feel to it.

Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School, #1)

  • Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carringer - Finishing school doesn’t have to be boring. This book is all about a finishing school for spies - complete with cool gadgets and strange missions. I loved this book - and middle grade readers transitioning to YA books will thoroughly enjoy this story.

K My Name Is Kendra

  • K My Name is Kendra by Kamichi Jackson - Save this book for more mature YA readers who can handle difficult material. Kendra is a girl in a difficult situation that becomes more awful when she becomes a survivor of sexual abuse. It’s ultimately full of hope and the importance of family, but there are some difficult parts before the end.

The Thin Executioner
  • The Thin Executioner by Darren Shan - If you liked Huck Finn, this is a good next step. Shan’s dark fantasy take on the classic story is delightful and fascinating - and full of interesting world-building.

Strands of Bronze and Gold
  • Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson - If you like fractured fairy tales, this is the book for you. The Bluebeard story is retold in the Southern US around the time of the civil war - it’s an interesting mix of American culture and classic fairy tale elements.

For more YA book suggestions, check out Hey Teen Books Hey.

What YA books would you add to this list? What are your opinions on the books I have listed? What do you look for in a good YA read?


  1. I loved the Etiquette and Espionage series, and wanted to read Strands of Bronze and Gold, but never came across a copy. The others are all new to me, so thank you for the recommendations!

    1. I haven't read the rest of the Etiquette and Espionage series yet! I'll have to get around to that. And Strands of Bronze and Gold was wonderful - I really enjoy Jane Nickerson's books. You should give it a try if you can get your hands on it. She came out with another fairytale retelling a few years back and I hear she's working on a third - so hopefully we get that soon.