Tuesday, January 9, 2018

On nostalgic books

Nostalgia is a difficult mood to pick books regarding. For me, nostalgic books are the ones that take me back to another time in my life - usually to my childhood. As a kid, I was a dedicated reader. In the summertime, that’s basically all I did. Thanks to my parents, I always had new library books and new recommendations and there were endless opportunities for me to read. I was introduced to many different types of books and here are a few that really stuck with me:

The Three Robbers

  • The Three Robbers by Tomi Ungerer - When I was really little, we didn’t own very many picture books, so Dad read this one to me most nights. To this day, he says he always thinks of me when he hears about it and that Jack White’s “Blunderbuss” (a robber’s weapon of choice) song remind him of me. This book features fearless robbers and a little orphan girl - it was a captivating tale for a little girl like me.

Parts (Parts, #1)

  • Parts by Tedd Arnold - This picture book was an early favorite. Before I could read, I insisted having this read to me every single night. At one point, I tried to convince my dad I could read by “reading” it to him (I must have turned the pages at the wrong times or something because he didn’t believe me for a second). This hilarious book about a boy who thinks he’s falling apart was well-loved and highly appreciated.

Dealing with Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #1)

  • Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede - This was one of the first chapter books I read and it was awesome. Plenty of fantasy, a strong-willed princess for a main character, and all sorts of interesting adventures - this book had everything that young me loved. And I devoured these books.

Once Upon a Marigold (Upon a Marigold, #1)

  • Once Upon A Marigold by Jean Ferris - In sixth grade, I had a teacher recommend this to me and I instantly fell in love, finishing it within a couple days. This book lead me to read everything else by Jean Ferris that I could get my hands on and she remains one of my favorite authors. This story about a boy raised by a troll and a clever princess captured my heart and I’ve read it more times than I can count.
What were your favorite childhood books? Which books do you want to introduce to all the children you know? What books make you nostalgic for another time?


  1. Dealing With Dragons was one of my favorites too! I also really loved everything by John Bellaris, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, and Edward Eager.

    1. I completely forgot about Phyllis Reynolds Naylor until just now. Those books were gold.

  2. I actually don't even know any of these books! Nice list :)

    1. Thank you! I would highly recommend them.