Sunday, June 11, 2017

On Mormon Women

I recently finished Neylan McBaine’s Women at Church. McBaine goes through several problems that LDS women face and explains why many LDS women are hurting. She also proposes some changes and some tips for how to approach leaders with ideas for change. McBaine comes from a place of understanding and compassion, which I think helps her book quite a bit.
I was quite inspired by this book. As a Mormon woman, I identified with plenty of the things she said and I understood why many Mormon women are upset about things going on in the LDS church. It was useful to see everything put into words - complete with helpful suggestions.
This book got me thinking a lot about women’s place in church. Below are a few resources for Mormon women looking for their place in the LDS church. Any woman who has questions or issues with any religious organization can learn from these resources and see a different perspective.

And a few generic religious resources about women and religion:

Have you read anything that’s helped your understanding of women’s place in religion? What do you think of these resources?

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