Friday, June 23, 2017

On my blogging routine

As someone who is still relatively new to blogging, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even know what half the questions are at this point. But I have learned quite a bit in my time blogging and I’ve settled into a routine, which I would like to share with you today. So here we go - this is the evolution of each post I write.

Step 1 - I come up with an idea/title, make a new document on Google Drive, make a few quick notes about my thoughts, and save it. Often, I’ll have an idea at a time when I’m not able to sit down and actually write everything, so I just jot it down to work on later.
Step 2- Typically, Loverboy and I devote our Tuesday evenings to working on our individual hobbies. I usually read, knit, or blog while he programs. On my blogging nights, I browse through my possible ideas in my Google Drive and find one that catches my eye.
Step 3- I glance over the notes and begin writing a rough draft (during this step is also when I do my initial research for more in-depth posts).
Step 4- I return to the document several times over the next couple weeks (on another blogging night or just when I have twenty minutes to spare) to finish it and to make sure it looks good.
(Optional step) - I sometimes have someone glance over my blog post if I’m unsure about some aspects of it. Or, I’ll read it out loud a couple times to make sure it works.
Step 5 - I move the document into my “Ready to Post” folder until I feel like it’s time to post it.
Step 6- I look over the blog post one last time before scheduling it on my blog, adding in pictures and links, and making last minute additions and edits.
Step 7- Blog post goes up!

My process isn’t perfect and some blog posts don’t follow this exactly, but it’s a good routine for me to follow and it’s turned out some decent blog posts that I’ve had a lot of fun writing.

How does your blogging routine differ? How is it similar? Are there any blogging questions or concerns that are burning up your head?

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