Monday, June 19, 2017

On questions constant readers have for sporadic readers

A few months ago, my brother was gifted “Ready Player One”. He read it in two days and went on and on about how much he loved it. And he hasn’t read for fun since.
He is a textbook sporadic reader - someone who will devour a book when it catches their fancy, but doesn’t read on a constant or consistent basis. Sporadic readers read when they’re taking a sick day or when someone gifts them a book or when their favorite author releases a new book. Sporadic readers are common (probably more common than constant readers) and there isn’t anything wrong with being a sporadic reader.
But I just don’t get it. Being a constant reader, it’s difficult for me to wrap my brain around not having a book to read at all times. So here are the questions I have from sporadic readers:
  • What do you do when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office or at the DMV or just waiting in general?
  • Do you tell people that reading is your hobby, or is that something that doesn’t come up?
  • HAVE YOU READ (insert current favorite book title here)?! Because you should. Everyone should.
  • What motivates you to read a book?
  • Do you take friends’ book recommendations seriously?
  • Do you need more book recommendations?! (Because I have a ton in mind)
  • What about a book will make you rant and rave about it to everyone you know?
  • Do you consider yourself well-read?

Maybe someday I’ll understand (probably not), but in the meantime, are there any sporadic readers out there who can enlighten me?

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